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Established in 1927 by act of the Legislature to provide additional facilities for sufferers from tuberculosis. Opened to the public in 1930. Capacity increased, 1938. Early treatment of the disease is emphasized. Altitude 2350 feet.
A reflection of Status Constructed in 1906 in Skelton, WV, the "super's home" was just that, a three story structure for the mine superintendent to make his home. However, all indications are that Samuel Dixon the mine owner, had it bui…
Room for one. From the coal camp in Helen, WV, this one room dwelling dates back to the early 1920s. It was built for and occupied by a single miner or a married miner living away from home while working in the coal mines during a work week. The m…
Built by John Lilly, Sr. in 1835-36, it was the home of Alfred Beckley (1802-88) and Amelia Neville Craig. Son of John Beckley, first clerk of the House of Representatives, he founded the town of Beckley and wrote the bill proposing formation of R…
Created Apr. 4, 1838. Named for John Beckley, clerk of the House of Representatives in terms of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. General Alfred Beckley, his son, had home, "Park Place", later known as "Wildwood", built here in 1835.
On April 5, 1862, Company A of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry camped here during the occupation of the Raleigh Court House.
General Alfred Beckley, founder of the city of Beckley, shows this corner location as land lot 29 on his 1838 map. Reverend Matthew Ellison, founder of the First Baptist Church of Beckley, built his home here in 1850, and his heirs held title to t…
Five miles west at Eccles, on April 28, 1914, a gas explosion in No. 5 Mine in the Beckley seam killed 174 miners; another nine died in No. 6 Mine above from blackdamp. On March 8, 1926, 19 died in No. 5. In 1891, Royal Mine on New River was first…