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This pavement is a replica of the original test strip placed in 1891 by George W. Bartholomew
Historically a political center and site of several intertribal councils, Wapatomica is considered the most significant site of Shawnee history in Ohio. As such, the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma donated the funds for this monument. Eastern …
During the Revolution the Wyandot Village here became a British War base called Wapatomica. Invasions against Bryant Station, Ky. and Fort Henry (Wheeling, W. Va.) were planned and started from here. Fort erected 1782, was destroyed 1786 by Col. …
in honor of All Veterans (logo seal- Department of Defense) of Jefferson Township
Pigeon Town This town was established after the destruction of the Mackachack towns in Dunmore's War in 1774. It was named for a wild pigeon roost near by. Col. Logan's army destroyed it in 1786. Shawnee Village Site The Shawnee Indians…
Side A Quaker Meeting Place This cemetery marks the location of a Quaker Meet ing house built before 1820. Wm. Reames, a Revolutionary soldier, and Thomas Stanfield were promoters and mem bers of the society. Side B Site of First Ch…
Clarence L. Knowlton and Vertura Mae Knowlton came to Bellefontaine in 1917 when Clarence L. Knowlton had contracted to build the first phase of the Mary Rutan Hospital. During this time Clarence and Vertura Knowlton liked the people of Bellefon…
The Harley Long Building This building is named in honor of a faithful and trusted employee of the Park Department for twenty- nine years. March 1, 1982
Remembrance 1951- 1969 Bellefontaine, Ohio was home of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron of the United States Air Force. Young men from all over America served here as part of our nation's Air Defense Forces. To honor those …
Ohio Hi Point Career Center Developing our most valuable resource- people- through quality career technical & academic education. administration superintendent- Kimberly Wilson treasurer- Eric Adelsberger Project Facilitator- Robert Walker…