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The original inhabitants of the Lower Musconetcong Valley were the Leni Lenape, who arrived here about 10 thousand years ago.Their campsites & farms dotted the valley and they annually burned off the meadow to maintain grasslands for hunting.The f…
This church is the direct replacement for the same parish community of Saint Joachim's Church, West Portal, New Jersey, destroyed by fire February 5, 1944.
The Easton-Brunswick Road c.1740 and the Easton-Trenton Road c.1750 merged here and completed their journey to Easton together.
Upper Plaque:Honor Roll1941 - 1945Dedicated to the valiant youth of Bloomsbury Borough who served their country in World War II. William E. Anderson, Jr. · Frank H. Apgar · Clarence C. Bigley · Joseph E. Bigley · Rus…
Founded in 1857 as a daughter church of the Old Grenwich Church to the west in Warren County.Building erected in 1858.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey mainline crossed here between 1852 to 1976. The CRRNJ was the primary artery of travel to western cities by immigrants entering the United States at Ellis Island and contributed to the suburbanization of Northern…
Dedicated to the men and women of Pohatcong Township who served in the armed forces.World War IWorld War IIKoreaVietnam
This was once part of the area known as Kennedys, but when the Lehigh Valley Railroad came through in the 1850's, a foundry was built at the foot of Silver Hill to cast the shackle bolts for the coupling-links that were used to fasten the railway …