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Honoring All Who Served Jefferson County's men and women have answered their nation's call to military service in war and peace. The monument in front of you is dedicated to all our honored veterans. Five of their stories are mentioned below. Lu…
United States Marine Killed 18 October 1859 During the capture of John Brown Flagpole and gravesite rededicated by Marine Corps League Detachment 1143 13 0ctober 2012
United States Marine Killed 18 October 1859 During the capture of John Brown Flagpole and gravesite rededicated by Marine Corps League Detachment 1143V 13 0ctober 2012
Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador Peru, Panama and founder of Bolivia Presented by The President of Venezuela to Bolivar, West Virginia
This Memorial is dedicated to all from the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar District who served their country from World War I to the present. Their sacrifice and valor for the freedom of America will never be forgotten. For those who did not return, our und…
This is the site of the last Civil War engagement in Jefferson County and one of the last fights involving Col. John S. Mosby's Rangers. It also marked the end of the Independent Loudoun Rangers, a small cavalry unit recruited in 1862 from Loudoun…
As you explore Jefferson County's Civil War sites, you will learn about some of the notable exploits on the native soil of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, one of the wars most famous figures. Jackson was born in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virgi…
"It may be said with truth that no spot in the United States experienced more of the horrors of war." - Joseph Barry, Harpers Ferry resident Trapped on the border between North and South, Harpers Ferry changed hands eight times during the Civil…
According to local legend,the North came here to get waterduring the day and the South at night.Restored in 2002
"The people for the most part were tongue-tied with terror...overwhelmed with ruin..."Porte Crayon, war correspondentApril 18, 1861 The armory and arsenal's destruction signaled the beginning of the war and the end of prosperity in Harpers Ferr…