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Hannah Dustin. . Famous symbol of frontier heroism. A victim of an Indian raid in 1697 on Haverhill, Massachusetts, whence she had been taken to a camp site on the nearby island in the river. After killing and later scalping ten Indians, she and…
Site of First Fort. A.D. 1739 One hundred feet square. Built of hewn logs. Erected by the town of Boscawen
Near this spot A.D. 1805 stood the first law office of Daniel Webster the great interpreter of the American Constitution. One of the world's great orators. "Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever."
Born July 24, A.D. 1798. "If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot."
Born April 6, A.D. 1806. Editor, Banker, Poet, Legislator and Scholar. Governor of New Hampshire 1885-1887.
Birthplace of William Pitt Fessenden. Born Oct. 6, A.D. 1806. United States Senator from Maine for thirteen years. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury 1864-1865.
First owned by Daniel Webster in 1805. Sold in 1807 to to his brother Ezekiel, who occupied it until his death in 1829. Eminent as a lawyer and legislator, foremost in all good works, Ezekiel Webster's early death was an irreparable loss to the to…