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Historical Background The site of the Bodine - Carkhuff House forms part of property acquired by Isaac Bodine in the early 1700s. Church records establish that Bodine, who was of French Huguenot descent, resided in the neighborhood by 1723, and h…
Originally a wooden bridge in colonial times, George Washington's Surveyor General, Robert Erskine, reported it to be a "Good Bridge" in 1779. From 1809 to 1869 the bridge was maintained by the original New Jersey Turnpike Corporation, which erect…
The previous bridge carrying Opie/River Road over the South Branch of the Raritan River was originally built at this location in 1921 by Dover Boiler Works and was significant as a rare example of a rivet-connected Pratt truss bridge. The current …
Main Marker:In Honor and Memory of all the Men and Women of Branchburg who proudly served our country in the armed forces of the United States of America. In recognition of the Branchburg Veterans Memorial Committee.Dedicated November 11, 2000 …
Founded in 1727, the congregation was originally German Reformed. First a log building. A series oflarger structures followed. Present building erected in 1851 and remodeled in 1902.