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Remnant of stone-lined channel below Demarest Creamery. Carried stream water as natural means of cleaning milk containers. Creamery est. 1903
New Jersey's oldest Lutheran Congregation's first service was conducted on August 1, 1714, by the Reverend Justus Falkner, the first Protestant minister ordained in America. It was held in the home of Aree Van Guinee, a freed slave, who later cont…
Dedicated to the men and women of Lebanon Township who devotedly served their country in time of war.
Foster M. Voorhees, born in Clinton in 1856, served as the 37th & 39th governor of NJ from 1898 to 1902. After his death in 1927, his farm here became Voorhees Park
In Memory of All American Veterans This memorial honors all American veterans who, although separated by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal - to valiantly protect out country's freedoms. The memories of these Americans will conti…
Altered in 1830Addition in 1854Chancel added in 1883Presented by Penelope Van Princes Chapter, Oldwick, New Jersey
Known earlier as California, its name dates to the gold rush days. By the 1870s, its water powered mills and the High Bridge RR brought growth. Post office est. 1878.
Dedicated to the memory of the Veterans of Califon who served our country so that freedom might prevail.
Opened in July 1876, the High Bridge Branch was once a busy railroad owned by the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey. It was built to bring iron ore from the mines in Chester, Hacklebarney, Mine Hill, Port Oram (Wharton), and Hibernia to the T…
The town's original name came from Jacob Neighbor, an early resident who prospered in the hills of California during the gold rush of 1849. Upon his return, he built two of the first businesses in town, a large sawmill along the banks of the South…