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Cambridge was platted in 1806 and became Guernsey County seat just four years later. The town flourished with the construction of the National Road, and by 1834 Cambridge was served daily by four stagecoach lines. Manufacturing boomed after the …
Named for the peacocks that once lived on a neighboring farm, this narrow brick road was on the National Roads original alignment when it was built through Guernsey County in 1828. Peacock road is typical of the steep grades and sharp curves that …
The history of this bridge is tied to Zane's Trace, the original road through the region. In 1803, the trace crossed Peters Creek, a few hundred yards to the north, using logs to bridge the stream. In 1828, when the National Road was built thr…
The Act of Congress in 1806 which authorized the construction of the National Road required that mile markers be placed at regular intervals. These reference points reassured travelers that they were following the correct route. They also indicate…
Thanks to Federal Emergency Management Agency, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio State Historical Office, and the Guernsey County Engineer for restoration of this "S" Bridge damaged by 2005 floods. This bridge possesses exception…
Near This Spot The Old Covered Bridge Spanned Wills Creek On the Old National Road 1828 - 1913 Near It Was the Ferry Cabin The First House Built in Cambridge 1798 - 1800 This Marker is Erected By Anna Asbury Stone Chapter Daughters of t…
In memory of persons from Guernsey County, Ohio, who gave their lives in Southeast Asia during the period of the Vietnam Conflict.Robert A. AusmusClifford E. BenchJames S. BristerDonald E. ChambersJames DavisDavid Lee DoyleCarle R. Harbin, Jr.Dale…
Built the first tavern in Cambridge proper which acted as Guernsey County's first courthouse prior to 1813.
50 years of public service to our great country and all its citizens. This tribute is presented by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Auxiliaries of District Five of Ohio, August 5, 1978
Dedicated to those men and women of Guernsey County who served their country in times of peace and war