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City Square ParkCity Square in Chaska has always been a gathering place and the heart of this community. The land was set aside for public purpose in 1852 in the original plat. Early settlers in Chaska found six earthen mounds on this site built b…
This silo marks the site of the Christian Bender farm, homesteaded in 1854. George Bender, grandson of Christian, sold the farm to Henry McKnight in 1963. This was the first farm to become part of Jonathan.????????????????Dedicated October 13, 2001
This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Brinkhaus Livery Stable1890
By 1804 Jean B. Faribault was trading in furs for the Northwest Company near the "Little Rapids" of the Minnesota River, 5 miles south of this point, and in this vicinity. His fur post of 1824 on the site of Chaska became the nucleus for the first…