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Settled by John and Daniel Day. Named for the Earl of Chatham William Pitt. Washington often visited troops here.
A part of Washington's army crossed the Passaic River at this point. then known as Day's Bridge on June 23, 1780. The troops continued their journey and fought against the British at the Battle of Springfield.
This home represents a prosperous early 1800s farmer's homestead with its wide center hall, tall ceilings, and brick beehive oven. The original 1770's 5 room house was doubled to its current size in the 1830s by Edward Price, a successful farmer a…
While Lewis was serving with General Washington's army at Valley Forge, PA., Hessian soldiers foraging for food during a blizzard, stayed here overnight. As Phoebe Brant Noe spoke German, they took only a few chickens, sparing her family from star…
After managing Lightweight Champion of the World Freddie Welsh's nearby Health Farm, Madame Hranoush Bey ran a world-renowned training camp on this site. Gene Tunney, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Patterson, Max Schmeling were among the famous fighter…
Pre-revolutionary farm pond, on an 800 acre tract owned by the Noe family, provided water and ice for the Noe farm, dairy and greenhouses. Converted in 1955 to a private family swim and recreation club by Jack & Ruth Noe and Taz & Baily Brower Jr.…
Dedicated to the Gallant Men and Women of Chatham Township who served their country during World War II.In MemoriamLeo Herman · Edward A. Nicolai · Robert E. Pierson · Willard W. Roberts · Charles Stuckelman · Ed…
Built around 1860 as one room schoolhouse. Served until 1928 as one of four township schools. Renovated as Chatham Township Hall 1959.
During the Revolution, formersoldier Shepard Kollock printedthe New Jersey Journal on thissite "to maintain the cause offreedom" and serve the army inMorristown. The Journal, northJersey's only wartime newspaper,founded in 1779, later thrivedin El…
Scene of Washington's Headquartersand massing of Continental troopsprior to march on Yorktown August27 - 29, 1781.Morris County Heritage CommissionNew Jersey Register of Historic Sites