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Large sugar plantation owned by Mather family until sold in 1879. James Mather, Englishman by birth, came to America in 1777; was active in Indian trade in West Florida area; was fourth mayor of New Orleans serving from 1807-1812. Here on October …
First named Constancia (1812), Uncle Sam was one of Louisiana's great sugar plantations. Erected by owner Samuel P. A. Fagot between 1827-1843, the mansion and its many side buildings dominated this site until demolished during move of river levee…
Felix Pierre Poche, Civil War diarist, Democratic party leader, prominent jurist and one of the founders of American Bar Association, built this Victorian Renaissance Revival style plantation with unusual front dormer c. 1870.
This house is near the site of mansion of Le Chevalier Louis Malarcher (1754-1841), political refugee of French Revolution who became an influential citizen of St. James Parish. Original mansion destroyed in 1890 by levee break which created Nita …
Built in 1875 by the Marist Fathers. Reestablished from original St. Marie du Fleuve located on White Hall Plantation. Statues transferred from rectory at Ancient Domain Plantation during elaborate blessing ceremony.
Settled in 1722-1739 as Baron Now parish seat St. James Parish St. Michael's Church 1809 Site of St. Michael's Convent Order of the Sacred Heart 1825-1932 Site of Jefferson College 1831-1931
Since 1931 The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) have operated a retreat house here for the spiritual development of the laity. The grounds and several of the buildings were the site and home of Jefferson College founded for the education of the youth of…