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The village of Summit was called Perry's Hollow in the 18th century. Located on a ridge between the Flat River and the Moosup River Watersheds, the name "Summit" signified a high point along the adjacent railroad line. Summit developed…
Of thegenerals of the AmericanRevolution,second only to Washington.Built this house in 1770and lived in it as a private.He joined the armyat Cambridge in 1775.
This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's First Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765 Boston awakened to discover two effigies of British official hanging from the branches of a towering e…
Cemetery HistoryThe first Greene family interment occurred in 1786 with the death of Miss Margaret Greene, daughter of Jacob (General Greene's brother) and Margaret Greene. There are seventeen identified interments in the cemetery and four fieldst…
Coventry High School and the National Student Council honorMaj. Gen. Nathanael Greene Rhode Island           Delaware New Hampshire           Maryland Massachusetts           Virginia New York           North Carolina C…
Homestead OverviewIn 1770, this house was built by 27 year-old Quaker and iron-master, Nathanael Greene. The building is a well-preserved 18th Century structure of simple, yet refined design. The iron forge, which was located on the Pawtuxet River…
Used as Headquarters for the FrenchTroops on their march to and fromYorktown 1781-1782Maj Nathanael GreeneGeneral LafayetteGeneral RochambeauRI Commemorative Committee forMaj Gen Nathanael GreeneCoventry Bi-Centennial Committee