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Serving the public as a crossing of Mountain Run on the Carolina Road (Raleigh to Philadelphia) from Colonial days until 1900, when a single lane, three span, steel truss bridge was constructed, just west of the dam. This bridge was replaced in th…
William Smith was born in King George County, Virginia. Arriving in Culpeper in 1818 as a young lawyer, the married Elizabeth Bell, the eldest daughter of a Culpeper merchant, and they had 11 children (4 died in infancy). In 1825, Smith built his …
The Eckington School was built in 1895 asa frame, one-room school for African Americanstudents from the nearby communities ofEckington and Poplar Ridge. The schoolbuilding is typical of the ungraded schools ofthe 19th century that had all grades h…
Col. John Jameson (1751-1810) owned land nearby. He served as the Culpeper County court clerk (1772-1810) and a captain in the Culpeper Minute Men battalion during the Revolutionary War. In Sept. 1780, while serving under Gen. Benedict Arnold in N…
Here is buried General Edward Stevens, who served at Brandywine, Camden, Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown. He died on August 17, 1820.
(South facing side):Culpeper CountyArea 384 Square MilesFormed in 1748 from Orange, and named for Lord Culpeper, Governor of Virginia, 1680-1683. The Battle of Cedar Mountain, 1862, was fought in this county. (North facing side):Orange CountyAr…
Built in 1879, this Gothic Revival church stands two miles of this location. It contains an elaborate example of trompe-l'oeil fresco painting done in 1888. Joseph Dominick Phillip Oddenino, an Italian immigrant artist, painted to deceive the eye …
46 Penn. InfAug. 9, 1862Charged acrosswheat field againstStonewall Jackson'scommand.Engaged, 504Loss, 244
(Front):In honor oftheCulpeperMinute Men1775(Left):Theirfirst battleGreat Bridge1775(Back):Erected bytheCulpeperMinute MenChapter, D.A.R.1933(Right):Virginia'sFirstMinuteMen
28th Regt.New York StateVolunteerInfantry 1st Brig.1st Div.12th CorpsArmy of the PotomacOrganized at Albany, N.Y., May 18, 1861 in response to the first call for volunteers. Mustered into the United States service for two years, May 22, 1861. O…