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Early in April 1865, Union Gen. George Stoneman cavalry moved from Tennessee into Virginia and then south through Danbury to destroy railroad track, warehouses, and supplies that supported Gen. Robert E. Lee Army of Northern Virginia. Stoneman led…
Look! Up in the air! It not Superman, but one of Hanging Rock high flyers. Chances are if you look carefully, you can spot a black bird flying high above. It could be a raven, a crow, or a vulture. American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) have fan-…
Hanging Rock State Park is located in the Sauratown Mountains, named for the Saura, a Native American tribe. Although the Blue Ridge Mountains are within sight of the Sauratown Mountains, they are two distinct and separate mountain ranges. Thus, t…
After the frenzy of activity in the spring and before the rushed preparations for winter, the residents of Hanging Rock use the summer to eat and raise their young. The summer forest becomes a big food factory. Chlorophyll uses the sun energy from…
Erected in 1888, this building has served as the law office of attorney Amos M. Stack, who was elected Superior Court Judge in 1922, and his partner, attorney Thomas W. Bigkett, who was governor of North Carolina 1917 - 1921; for attorney John D. …
Governor of Alabama,1829-1831. Served inU.S. House and Senate.Official of Mississippiand Alabama Territories.Born near here, 1785.
Moravian administrator.Botanist and pioneer inAmerican mycology. Dis-covered falls 3 mi. SW.
In memory ofStokes CountySoldierslost in the WorldWar ? ? 1917 1918Erected by theNeal Boone Post 197,American LegionWe keep the watchfor you.
In honor ofall who served 1861 - 1865 [ Rear of Monument: ]From Manassasto GettysburgFrom Gettysburgto Appomattox Erected byStokes Co. Historical Society andCapt. M.W. Norfleet Camp # 1249Sons of Confederate VeteransMay 26, 1990
During the Civil War, the Confederacy relied on small rural ironworks for the metals needed to manufacture cannons, swords, and firearms. The furnace here, owned by the Moratock Mining and Manufacturing Company, was typical of the charcoal blast f…