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In Honor of All Danville Junior College and Danville Area Community College Alumni who served their Country in the Korean War. Dedicated May 27, 2002 ReDedicated July 27, 2012
It was near here, at a grove of maple trees, that Illinois Senatorial Candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas spoke in September of 1858. During the height of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, the men came to Danville to greet the people of Old …
2,835 miles to Watson Lake's Signpost Forest First sign placed by Carl K. Lindley of Danville, Illinois 1942 Presented to you by the Town of Watson Lake to mark the opening of Your Signpost Forest in 2010
"The Temple" - Plaque Completed in 1901, the Temple Building occupied this site for 100 years. In 1879 members of the Olive Branch Lodge bought the corner lot at Vermilion and North Streets for a new Masonic Temple. The building was financed and …
Memorial BridgeKorean War HeroDedicated May 30, 1989
In 1838 the northern Potawatami tribes and many Indians from other tribes were forcibly relocated to Eastern Kansas. The first point to encampment in Illinois on the march westward was near the North Fork River in Danville.This monument is to comm…
Statue ErectedbyDaughters of the American Revolutionin Memory of Soldiers of the War for Independencewho are buried in Vermilion County.William Adams · David Baird · Jacob Gundy · Hugh King · Thomas Morton · Jose…
In memory of Major Kenneth D. Bailey, U.S.M.C., Congressional Medal of Honor Winner for bravery in World War II.A 1930 Danville High School graduate, he was Commanding Officer of Company C, First Raiders Battalion, which attacked Japanese fortific…
Left PanelA FRIEND FOREVER"I appeal to you because I can to no other with so much confidence," Lincoln said to Doctor William H. Fithian, August 15, 1860. He was asking for Fithian's assistance in a political matter.After both were elected to the …
Top Section The center of town, during the time of Lincoln's years in Danville, was located in a range from Franklin Street in the West, to Washington Street in the East, bordered by Harrison Street in the North and Water Street to the South…