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The M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer (known as the LW155) was developed here at Picatinny Arsenal by a joint Marine Corps and Army program office from 1997-2005. The LW155 is the first ground combat system to make extensive use of high strength tit…
The M198 155mm towed howitzer was developed (1968-1976) and produced (1978-1992) at Rock Island Arsenal. Over 1,600 howitzers were produced for the Army, Marine Corps, and allied armies. Weighing just under 16,000 pounds, it was able to be air dro…
The M1A1 Pack Howitzer was widely used during World War II and featured a short 75mm barrel. It could reach a sustained rate of fire of 3 to 6 rounds per minute with a range of roughly 5-½ miles. The howitzer as seen here with an M8 carriage …
The M119 howitzer was designed and produced by the British Royal Ordnance Factories as the L118 light gun. Weighing some 4,270 pounds, the L118 entered service with the British Army in 1976 by its parachute and commando field artillery regiments. …
The CROWS is a multivehicle externally mounted remote weapon system that allows the Gunner to remain inside the armor protected vehicle while firing a variety of crew served weapons. The CROWS provides day and night capability providing first-burs…
These two Model 1841 6-Pounder field cannons were used by United States artillery until 1868. They weigh 800 pounds, fired a shot (projectile) with a weight of 6.1 pounds, and had a range of 1,500 yards. This smoothbore gun was the most common arm…
This exhibit was originally part of the "Saratoga Park" at Frankfort Arsenal, Phila. Pa. (see other plaque). It was moved here in 1978 shortly after the establishment of the United States Army Armament Research and Development Command at…
Built in 1884 for the Senior Officer of the Post. In 1906 it was converted into Officers' Quarters and in 1937 the W.P.A. remodeled it to be used once more as the Commander's Residence.
Youngest and smallest municipality in Morris County. Incorporated in 1951 after separation from Randolph Township. Originated as Federal Housing Project for local defense workers during World War II.
Oldest standing church in Dover. Built by architect Richard Upjohn. Congregation organized 1849. Originally met in nearby Stone Academy. Church served as hospital during 1918 influenza epidemic.