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Formerly Trinity College. Name was changed in 1924 to honor Washington Duke whose son James B. Duke endowed the institution.
Organized, 1794, by Jas. O'Kelly, founder of the denomination. Present building fourth on site.
Lowes Grove credit union, first in South, formed to serve local farmers. Est. Dec. 9, 1915, on initiative of John Sprunt Hill
Negro educational and religious leader. Founder of a college (1910), now N.C. Central University, its president to 1947. Grave 1½ miles S.E.
Banker and attorney. Leader in credit union movement. Benefactor, UNC Library. Lived here.
In the early decades of the 1900's Durham acquired national reputation for entrepreneurship. Businesses owned by African Americans lined Parrish Street. Among them were N.C. Mutual Life Insurance Co. (moved to Parrish, 1906), led by John Merrick. …
Segregation protest at an ice cream parlor on this site, June 23, 1957, led to court case testing dual racial facilities
North Carolina's Civil War stories are as diverse as its landscape. The Outer Banks and coastal rivers saw action early in the war, as Union forces occupied the region. Stories abound of naval battles, blockade running, Federal raids and the Confe…
Erected by the Rotary Club of Durham as its first community gift in November, 1916. Originally located in Rotary Park in downtown Durham; Relocated to Bennet PlaceMemorial Park in1924. Refurbished and rededicated by the Rotary Club of Durham on Oc…
One hundred feet east of this spot in the Bennett House General Joseph E. Johnston and Major General William T. Sherman met at noon, April 17, 1865, to discuss terms of a proposed surrender. They met in this house again on April 18 and wrote and s…