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Started at James Hall's Hotel in 1850 (an outstanding brick building destroyed by the freeway) on Upper Stockton Road and moved a mile north to James Buckner's Ranch a few years later. The town moved to its present site on the railroad in the 1870's.
Approximately four miles further up the Cosumnes River, on July 12, 1851, Jared Sheldon, a former employee of John Sutter and holder of the original Mexican land grant, Rancho Omochumnes, was confronted by a large party of miners whose claims were…
This property has beenplaced on theNATIONALREGISTER OFHISTORIC PLACESby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
The first I.O.O.F. meeting was held onMay 2, 1878. The first Rebekah meetingwas held on May 2, 1888. On July 7, 1892The original building burned and wasrebuilt with the I.O.O.F taking ownership.A rededication of the hall washeld on March 3, 1893.D…
The Lincoln Highway, a coast to coast all weather road from Times Square in New York to San Francisco's Lincoln Park, was an idea whose birthday was the 10th of September 1912. This road which freed America from the clutches of changeable weather …
Rhoads School completed 1872. Located on the west side of Sheldon Road, now called Sloughhouse Road two miles south of Jackson Road. Replaced first Rhoads School located north side, near levee of Cosumnes River next to Rhoads south west property l…
This is the site of the beginning of the conquest of California by the United States on June 10, 1846. American settlers led by Ezekial Merritt overpowered soldiers under Lt. Francisco Arce and took their Mexican Army horses from the corral of the…
In 1908 Elk Grove acquired through the efforts of Miss Harriet G. Eddy, then principal of Elk Grove Union High School, the first county free library branch in California. Subsequently, California's county free library branch system has become one …
This survivor of the ill-fated Donner Party was the daughter of George and Mary Blue Donner. Born near Springfield, Illinois, in 1832. She arrived in California in December 1846 with her sister, Leanna Charity Donner, and was rescued by the first …
Born, Charlestown, N.H. Aug. 24, 1778; Died Franklin, Mar. 6, 1865 Last surviving member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He kept a journal and gave valuable service as a gunsmith.