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In June 1864, to deny Gen. Robert E. Lee the use of the South Side R.R. and the Richmond and Danville R.R., Gen. Ulysses S. Grant sent Gen. James H. Wilson and Gen. August V Kautz south of Petersburg on a cavalry raid to destroy track and rolling …
Here Custer, commanding advance guard of an Army of the Potomac, struck and drove back Fitz Lee, left flank guard of Army of Northern Virginia, April 3, 1865.
April 3, 1865As Lee's men continued their morning march toward Ameila Court House, cavalries skirmished around this church. Forced to withdraw, the armies continued a running battle that ended near Deep Creek. Namozine Church also served as a hosp…
When Gen. Robert E. Lee evacuated the Army of Northern Virginia from Petersburg and Richmond on April 2-3, 1865, he ordered the army's wings to unite at Amelia Court House, where trains would meet them with food and other supplies. The army would …