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Talbert Meat Co. established in 1899 by August L. Martel. Later operated by Joe Betschart in the mid-thirties.
The Hoffman family arrived here about 1910. A son Ed and his wife Elsa were very active during the City incorporation. Many meetings and City business were conducted in their home.
Mrs. Martha A. Nimocks built a large home here in 1934. She owned 184 acres south of the home.
The property was purchased by Lena and George Titus from an unknown person in 1918. It was later sold in 1945 to people that raised horses. Thus the name "Horse Ranch".
Created in 1923 to serve sanitation needs of Western Orange County. Reorganized into Sanitation Districts in 1954.
First City HallIn the early 1960's a new Elementary School was built and the old school was used as City Hall from 1962-1964. The old school was built in 1920First SchoolThe first school was started in Sycamore Hall during the early 1900's. Replac…
Navy purchased the land in 1943. Fixed wing planes used the airstrip into the 1950's. In 1952 Marine Helicopter pilots practiced take-offs and landings at this site up through the Vietnam era.
Opened on July 12, 1967 and was part of the Pacific Theater Group. The Nations largest Drive-In and it contained the only fountains in town. Demolished in 1984
Robert and Anna Gisler came here in 1903. On 220 acres, he started a dairy herd, cleared the land, and then farmed it. A home was built near here in 1912.
Rene and Virginie Callens came here in 1910. He developed and farmed 60 acres. Present home of son Joseph R. Callens and family.