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Bennington Park. . Developed by W. Newton Bennington in 1902. Streets given to village in 1904. Later became an African American & Italian enclave. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; d…
Two Shipwrecks and the Life Saving Service. . In 1836 two Sailing ships The Bristol & The Mexico were wrecked near Long Beach 215 died in these two wrecks 139 bodies are buried in a mass grave in Lynbrook, N.Y. called The Mariners Burial Gr…
Freeport Legends. . "You know, this job could be pretty dangerous." ~ Reggie Jones 1996 We all know people who are legendary, either through the force of their personalities or their accomplishments, or a little of both. These memorable character…
Freeport's Nautical Mile. . Freeport's rich maritime history is marked by oystering, clamming and boat-building. At the end of the 19th century, John Randall and William G. Miller dredged Woodcleft Canal, creating the largest working waterfront on…
Construido en "La milla náutica de Freeport." Este es el mismo bote que cruzó el Océano Atlántico, batallando contra huracanes con ráfagas de vientos hasta mas de 100 millas por hora y olas de hasta 25 piés de altura. Este bote…
Also known as the Municipal Building. It was built to replicate Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Enlarged 1973
Upon this site stood the first public school in Freeport This building was erected about 1820 and served as the first public school until 1852 Mr. John Rankin had the honor of being the first teacher to teach in this village This ta…
Trophy gun obtained from the US Navy. Department was unveiled on July 4, 1902 by the DBP Mott Post of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Building erected in 1905 President was John J. Randall and Builder William G. Miller. Bank was organized in 1891.
Built by John J. Randall and William G. Miller in the Norman style Freeport's oldest house of worship Now known as the United Methodist Church