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British Rear Admiral George Cockburn noted Georgetown and Fredericktown "were Places of some...Importance," and the Sassafras the only upper river "I had not examined and cleared." He led his full force toward the villages May …
From opposite sides of the Sassafras River local militia fired at British raiders advancing toward Fredericktown and Georgetown May 5-6 , 1813. The militia fought only briefly before retreating, but the towns paid dearly. The British reduced much …
In Honor ofMistress Kitty KnightRevolutionary Belle and BeautyA Friend of General George WashingtonWhen the British burned Georgetown in 1813Her Heroic Efforts Saved thisHouse which later became her home. Placed by London Bridge Chapter D.A.R.
On this site stood the tavern erected by William Downs in 1763. Burned in 1893, George Washington stopped here in 1774 en route to and from the first Continental Congress. He traveled this road on his eight visits to Kent County.
Erected by act of Assembly of Maryland, May 1736, on a tract called Tolchester. A base of Continental supplies, 1775 to 1783. Port of Entry and ferry landing. George Washington stopped here enroute to points north and south. · Burned by Bri…