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A pioneer in this area's industrial and religious development, Thomas Willcox built a paper mill here on the West Branch of Chester Creek in 1729. It became a major supplier to the print shop of Benjamin Franklin; by 1776 it was supplying paper fo…
The Newlin Mill Complexwas entered in the National Register of Historic Places on March 9, 1983 by theU.S. Department of the Interioras one of the "Nation's Cultural Resources Worthy of Preservation"
The stone gristmill at this site was built in 1704 by Nathaniel Newlin, a Quaker who emigrated from Ireland in 1683. The mill, restored to working order, is a fine example of a vital segment of Colonial economic life.
Founded 1681 by William Penn as a Quaker Commonwealth.Birthplace ofThe Declaration of IndependenceandThe Constitution ofThe United States
An early industrial village. John Taylor built Thornbury (later Sarum) Forge here ca. 1740. He erected Pennsylvania's first iron-slitting mill here in 1746: this was acquired in 1836 by the Wilcox family for its Glen Mills paper operations. Until …
A crossroads village. Thornton served as a rest stop for travelers between York and Philadelphia, providing livery, blacksmith, and wheelwright services as well as Inn accommodations at the Historic "Yellow House" built by George Gray, circa 1750.…