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"Dulce et Decorum est pro patria morti"Erected by the Literary Societies and alumni of Oak Ridge Institute May 6th, 1898 to the memory of the gallant Gillies who fell under the swords of Tarleton's dragoons near Oak Ridge, N.C. Feb. 12th, 1781. A …
ToCaptain James Moreheadof the 10th Regiment,N.C. Continental Line.Battle of StongJune 20, 1778· · · · · · Elizabethton ? ? July 1781 Born 1750 ? ? Died 1815
Nathaniel Maconwilled that his memorial shouldconsist only of rude stones.—————Here they are.
Mrs. Keren Happuch Turnermother of Elizabeththe wife of JosephMorehead of N.C., andgrandmother of CaptainJames and of John Morehead,a young N.C. soldier underGreene, rode horse-back fromher Maryland home and atGuilford Court House nursedto health …
Brig - Gen. Jethro SumnerBorn in the year 1733Died March 18, 1785————————Colonel of the Third North CarolinaContinental TroopsApril 15, 1776Charleston, June 28, 1776Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777Germanto…
Seedling fromLiberty Oak TreeRevolutionary War Planted March 1987byGuilford Battle Chapter NSDAR
This monument honors the three North Carolina delegates to the Continental Congress who signed the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776. Although Hooper and Penn were reburied here in 1894, they had no direct ties to the battle. The rela…
In Honor ofCol. Arthur Forbisof the N.C. Troopswho fell at hispost in thedischarge of dutyon this memorablefield of battle. March 15, 1791. Presented byMcGalliard & HuskeJuly, 4 1887.
This monument honors Capt. Arthur Forbis of the Guilford County militia. At approximately this site along the American first line, Forbis picked off one of the British officers who was leading the redcoat advance. Forbis was wounded during the str…
According to the Guilford Battle Ground Company, the British Guards emerged from the woods, crossed this open field, and clashed on the right with the American third line. In the 1880s this version of the battle seemed to agree with the historical…
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