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This 16-acre cypress brake is an early example of a local civic group's effort to preserve Mississippi's natural resources. This unique urban forest was purchased in 1940 by the Greenville Garden Club, the oldest garden club in the state, to prese…
Belmont, one of the few antebellum houses remaining in the Ms. Delta, was built ca, 1857 for W.W. Worthington. Federal troops plundered 1863. Belmont Hunting Lodge founded 1946 by Gov. Dennis Murphree.
Through the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's & 1990's there has been only one King of the Blues. B. B. King Riley B. King Born 1925 Indianola, Ms. Known as "Beale Street Blues Boy"
1891 - 1934 b. Heron's Place Hinds Co. d. Heathman-Dedham Plnt. Sunflower Co. Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues.
August 12, 1943 Shelby, MS April 14, 2010 Greenville, MS Opened for - BB King, Bobby Rush, Little Milton, Tyrone Davis and others 1974 Album - " Crying in the Arms of Another Love" 1999 CD - "Miracles" 2009 CD - "You Can't Lose the Blue…
Donnie, his brother Jerry Brown and Thomas "Boogie" Hobart were the "Candy Shoestring", the premier Rock and Roll / Blues Rock Band of the region in the 60's & 70's. They opened for Ted Nugent, Lynard Skynard, Rare Earth and played the …
Recorded - 1926 - 1935 Sitting on Top of the World Stop and Listen Blues Livin' in a Strain
Named for Lizzie W. Coleman, who was principal of the No. 2 Elementary School, Coleman High School was among the first high schools for African- Americans in the Mississippi Delta. The school served as Greenville's main high school for Afric…
The Mainline Mississippi River Levee was originally built in the 1800s. Following the flood of 1927, Congress passed the Flood Control Act of 1928, creating the Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T) Project. The notches at Main and Central Street…
The Greenville Gage on the Mississippi River is located near the U.S. Highway 82 Mississippi River Bridge. In 1927, when the levee broke near Mound Landing, the Greenville Gage would have reached 65.4 feet. During the 2011 Flood, the Mississippi R…