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Dedicated in honor or the ninth president of Furman University who led Furman through a period of great achievement, change and renewal from 1976 to 1994.
This site honors the memory of John E. Johns '47 President Furman University 1976-1994
Erected on land donated to the stateby Vardry McBee for the manufactureof arms for the South Carolina troopsin the Confederate service.George W. Morse, superintendentof the works, invented and manufactureda breech-loading carbine pronouncedby Gene…
[Front]:About 150 feet east of this point are buried some of Greenville's earliest settlers, including Elias Earle (1762-1823), State Representative and Senator and United States Congressman; George Washington Earle (1777-1821), wealthy planter an…
This authentic 12-pound brass Napoleon, a favorite of the Confederate artillery, was constructed by Charles Crenshaw Jr. Gharlie co-founded the "Southern Guns of Thunder" and for years built and fired cannons to lend a thunderous salute at memoria…
Dunean Mill, chartered in 1911 and opened in 1912, was one of several textile mills owned by Capt. Ellison Adger Smyth (1847-1942), a national leader in the industry for more than 60 years. Dunean was named for the Irish village where Smyth's Adge…
Lt. John H. David Jr.The First South CarolinaOfficer Killed in Action.Lt. Charles S. GardnerSgt. Charles E. Timmons Jr.Corp. Talmadge W. GerraldPvt. Thomas J. Lyon Jr.Pvt. Otis B. Brodie
In Honor and MemoryOf the Members of the Second Baptist Church who served inWorld War II Herman A Arrowood - Fred A JohnsonWillard W. Batson - J.Clyde JonesR.Douglas Bishop - Glover Y.JonesHubert E.Bishop - Ray F.JonesCharles R.Brown. Jr. - Roy…
John Smoltz had a stellar career that spanned 21 seasons. In 2009, he played two games for the Greenville Drive, including a game on May 31st, 2009, where more than 7,100 people packed Flour Field - before moving back to the top of the Red Sox org…
Nolan Ryan was a member of the 1966 Greenville Mets and went on to establish himself as one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. During his career, he threw 7 no-hitters and 5,714 strikeouts. He played for the New York Mets, California An…
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