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Dedicatedto the glory of Godand to theveterans of all wars.
In loving memory of those who have made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of those who served. Dedicated this eleventh day of November nineteen hundred ninety by the citizens of Hart County and American Legion Post 109.
In Honor and Memoryof AllHart County VeteransofForeign WarsbyV.F.W. & Ladies AuxiliaryPost 8076[V.F.W. Cross of Malta]
Cherokee Assembly Ground Ah-Yeh-Li A-Lo-Hee (Center of the World)
This was Ah-Yeh-Li A-Lo-Hee, the Center of the World, to the Cherokee Indians. To this assembly ground, from which trails radiate in many directions, they came to hold their councils, to dance and worship which were to them related functions, and …
In Loving Memoryof our Hart CountySoldiers
In Memoriamof the Hart County Soldiers who served in the World War, 1917-19.These lost their lives. John W. Adams · James B. Estes · Owen J. Alford · John R. Heaton · George W. Cason · Oscar B. McCurley &middo…
Erected by the Government ofThe United States in the Year 1931to commemorate the heroism ofNancy HartDuring the American Revolution a party of British Tories came to her home. Single handed she killed one and wounded another. The remainder of the …
CenterThe Broken V Symbolizes The Casualties Broken Dreams.Promises and PlansDedicated November 15, 1987 by Hart County Citizens to Honor The memory of the Six Hart County Men whose patronage never dimmed:Whose Loyalty never weakened; whose courag…
Hart County was created by the Legislature on Dec. 7, 1853 out of portions of Franklin and Elbert counties. It is the only county in Georgia named for a woman - Nancy Hart. Nancy Hart and her husband, Benjamin Hart, obtained a 400 acre grant 25…