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During the French and Indian War (c. 1750) Virginia Militia Col. George Washington supervised the construction of Fort Hedges, a stockade fort built along the Warm Spring Road at the heavily-traveled Skinner's gap atop North Mountain (740 feet ele…
This boulder marks the site on Camp Hill where the batteries were fired during the War Between the States in the raid on the federal blockhouse, located at North Mountain. On July 4, 1864, the 14th, 16th, and 17th Regiments of General McCausland's…
Dr. Allen C. Hammond constructed this Greek Revival-style house about 1838. During the Civil War, both sides used it periodically for a headquarters or a hospital. The war ruined Hammond, a strong Southern sympathizer. In October 1859, Hammond…
In December 1862, Union Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley stationed detachments of the 54th Pennsylvania and 1st West Virginia Infantry regiments here to guard and repair the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, a main supply route between the Ohio River and the na…
Here at Stumpy's Hollow on the morning of July 2, 1861, Confederate Lieutenant Colonel J.E.B. Stuart captured a Union infantry company almost single-handedly. The Federals - Company I, fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers - were acting as skirmishers…
Site of stockade fort built during the early Indian wars. Mt. Zion Episcopal Church was built soon after. A mile west is the tavern, built, 1740-1750, by Robert Snodgrass on land patented in 1732 by William Snodgrass, pioneer settler.
Morgan County. Formed, 1820, from Berkeley and Hampshire. Named for Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Revolutionary Army. Many of his renowned "Riflemen" were from the Eastern Panhandle, where he once lived. Famed Berkeley Springs here. Berkeley County…
Site of the Snyders Evangelical Church founded by Jacob Albright in 1850. Merged with United Brethren Church in 1952. Razed in 1957.