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Opened in 1947, this ½ - mile red dirt track was built by brothers, Bill & Bob Blair. It hosted two NASCAR Grand National races. Herb Thomas won in 1953 and Lee Petty won in 1954. Notable drivers were Fireball Roberts, Flock Brothers, Myers B…
Confederate Dead Erected by Guilford Council No. 23 Jr. O.U.A.M. 1899.
Site of classes started in 1955 by High Point Furniture and Hosiery Manufacturers and the High Point Public Schools that later became GTCC, one of the first community colleges in North Carolina.
Born in High Point. Max Thurman made his home on Historic Johnson Street before entering NC State University in 1949. Graduated with Honors 1953 and entered US Army from ROTC. Rose to rank of General and distinguished himsel as the Army's Second i…
Established in 1773 and organized as a Monthly Meeting, 1790. Building erected 1927 on original site is ½ mile east.
The North Carolina Armory at Florence, was located 1/4 east. Commanded by Captain Z.S. Coffin, the armory converted hunting rifles into military arms, repaired broken guns, and assembled new guns between 1862 and 1865. On April 11, 1865, a detachm…
Founded by Methodist Church in 1924 with aid from City of High Point. University since 1991.
Was begun in 1753 and organized as a Monthly Meeting, 1778. Present building erected 1875.
This memorial is dedicated to the memory and honor of those who have served bravely in our Armed Forces in both times of war and in times of peace. May 30, 2005 World War I · World War II · Korean War · Vietnam War &midd…
This statue of a Plank Road Foreman is dedicated to the establishment of the City of High Point and in honor of the men and women who worked in local industries and businesses that made it famous. In the 1840's and 1850's construction was comme…