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Hopewell Frog War was just east of here. For more information visit the Hopewell train station.
A rock formation here on Pero's Hill in East Amwell Township stands among the more unusual in an area of diverse geology. Local legend persists the three brothers hoping to overcome the Devil were turned to stone to stand here today.
Erected by Hopewell Post, American Legion, in honor of those of Hopewell and vicinity who responded to the Nation's call to duty.
Sunday, April 23, 1775,news of the Battle of Lexington reached Hopewell. While the people were worshiping in the First Baptist Church, at the close, Joab Houghton, standing on this block, inspired the men with love of liberty and desire for indepe…
Farmstead site of the signer, who lived here 1742-1779. Without formal education, consulted by many, respected by all, "Honest John Hart" gave his property and his life for the cause of liberty. Farmer, miller, judge, speaker of the first New Jers…
Founded here in Baptist Parsonage, 1756. Alumni James Manning and Hezekiah Smith developed Brown University.
Refuge of local signer of The Declaration of Independence while hiding from the British. His estate ransacked by Hessians, he was financially ruined and died in 1779.
Originally known as Stout's Corner, Mount Rose emerged as a village in the 1820s. By 1880 it boasted a school, post office, sawmill and several shops. It was perhaps best known as a center of applejack whiskey production. Two distilleries operated…
In 1664, the Duke of York sold New Jersey, or "Nova Caesaria" to Lord Berkley and Sir George Carteret. East Jersey: Carteret's Trustees sold a "Half" in 1682 to twelve associates, thereafter proprietors of East Jersey. West Jersey: Berkley s…