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Founded by German immigrants who settled as early as 1729. Initially served by traveling missionaries including John Caspar Stoever, Jr., first Lutheran pastor to visit regularly. A log structure was built about 1756; this church erected 1872. Nam…
A stevedore training program was established in 1942 at Fort Indiantown Gap. Soldiers were trained to load and unload cargo using three wood and concrete dry land ships. Many recruits were African Americans whose companies were segregated from the…
Site of a charcoal iron forge begun about 1782 by Curtis Grubb, owner of Cornwall Iron Furnace, a major user of Cornwall iron. Such forges transformed brittle pig iron into workable wrought iron. Union Forge included 1,000 acres of land., blacksmi…
Originally built by Peter Hedrick, 1755. The stockaded blockhouse was improved in early 1756 by Capt. Frederick Smith to guard Swatara Gap and protect the frontier settlements. Site is on Fort Swatara Drive about half a mile from this intersection.
This gap in the Blue Mountain, named for Swatara Creek, a pass through which enemy Indians raided frontier settlements during the French and Indian War. Fort Swatara was built nearby to guard it.
Following the Swatara Creek from Pine Grove to main line of the Canal at Water Works was a Feeder Branch. It was in use from 1832-1862. A portion of the Big Dam, a guard lock, and several lift locks remain on the other side of the Swatara.