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Associate Judge of Lancaster CountyMember of LegislatureDelegate to State Convention whichRatified the Constitution ofthe United StatesIronmaster of Lancaster CountyWarden and Vestryman of St. James ChurchFather of Ann - Buried second memorial to …
Member ofCommittee of CorrespondenceDuring RevolutionJudge of the Supreme Courtof PennsylvaniaDelegate to the State Convention whichRatified the Constitution ofthe United StatesMan for WhomYeates School was namedWarden and Vestryman ofSt. James Ch…
Officer in Revolutionary WarDelegate to the State Conventionwhich ratified the Constitutionof the United Statestrustee of Franklin CollegeWorshipful Master of LancasterLodge No. 43 F. and AMMember of Lancaster Bar andVestryman of St. James Church
Chairman ofCommittee of CorrespondenceDuring American RevolutionChief Burgess of Lancaster at timeof Paxton MassacreJudge of the County CourtOne of Founders and a Trusteeof Princeton UniversityGrandfather of Peggy, wife ofBenedict ArnoldVestryman …
Founded April 11, 1848, at the First Methodist Episcopal Church on this site. Its purpose was to foster the advancement of medical knowledge, relieve suffering and promote the health of the community. Samuel Humes, M.D., of Lancaster was the first…
Congregation of German, Swiss, and French settlers was formed about 1729. Log church here, Lancaster's first, 1736. Stone building, 1753; brick church, 1854. Rev. Philip Otterbein, Rev. William Hendel, Dr. Henry Harbaugh were eminent pastors.
Founded 1744. Original structure built 1746-53; this building begun 1820. George Ross, signer of the Declaration of Independence, was vestryman. Buried here are the patriots Edward Shippen, William Atlee, Edward Hand, and Jasper Yeates.
Formed on May 10, 1729 out of Chester County. Named for Lancashire in England. County seat, Lancaster, was chartered a borough in 1742; a city in 1818. It was the State capital, 1799-1812. County is noted for its rich farmland and ethnic diversity.
Born in Lancaster, Nov. 8, 1883. Demuth achieved international fame for his precise modernist paintings including "My Egypt" and "I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold." He traveled in the U.S. and abroad but resided after 1889 in this house. Here he died in…
Penn SquareSince its establishment in 1730, Lancaster City has been a bustling, vibrant community with a rich history. Founded by James Hamilton, an English businessman, the city was designed to be the county seat, with a Courthouse placed in the …