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Bernstadt, Kentucky, also known as Swiss Colony, was founded in 1881 by Swiss immigrants from Bern, Switzerland, through efforts of Paul Schenk. The First Evangelical Protestant Church of Bernstadt was pastored by Rev. Melchior Denny. It was pl…
Founded 1881, this was Kentucky's largest foreign colony. Swiss farm crisis and high land prices caused mass emigration. Paul Schenk and Otto Bruner, agriculturists, and Karl Imobersteg, owner of large passage office, promoted venture. These Swiss…
The "Madison Branch" of Wilderness Road was last 18th century link from Cumberland Gap to central Kentucky. By legislative act of March 1, 1797, Joseph Crockett built new road from Milford, then seat of Madison Co., to intersect with imp…
(Side One) Sue Bennett Memorial School, named for Madison Co. promoter, opened 1897 to educated mountain children. Funded by local people and the Methodists, school taught all grades. Commercial Dept. Opened 1901; county high school, 1910-33. Nor…
In 1826, the legislature granted land to Laurel and some other counties for educational purposes. Land sold; Seminary opened, 1858. Used for hospital in Civil War. Gov. W.S. Taylor called special session of legislature here, 1900. Common school, 1…
Opened Kentucky and the west to rapid settlement and major development. First wagon road built by Kentucky, 1796 Crab Orchard to Cumberland Gap. A principal highway, maintained as a turnpike "toll road" for 80 years.
(Side One) Congressmen Buried in London Wm. H. Randall (1822-81), lawyer, co. clerk, judge, 8th dist. rep. in 38th and 39th Congresses, buried in family plot on East 1st Street. Vincent Boreing (1839-1903), newspaperman, 1st lt. Union army, sc…
Poynter Building-built 1910 W.H. Poynter, restored 1984 Warren N. Scoville has been entered in the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the Interior, August 8, 1985.
500 CSA cavalry led by Col. J.S. Scott attacked 200 USA troops and 98 convalescents under Col. L.C. Houk here Aug. 17, 1862, killed 13, wounded 17, captured 111 men and 40 wagons. CSA lost 2 killed, 4 wounded. Houk forced back to Gen. George W. Mo…
Wilderness Road 1775-1795 Wilderness Road crossed Boone Trace here-Laurel County established 1825-London 1836 1775-1795 Boone Trace-Kentucky Sesquicentennial 1792-1942 George Rogers Clark passed this way 1776 to Virginia for help for Colonists.