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The first entertainment trade paperfounded in Hollywood, CaliforniaSeptember 3, 1930
Built in 1901 by Colonel J. W. Eddy, lawyer, engineer, and friend of President Lincoln, Angel's Flight is said to be the world's shortest incorporated railway. The counterbalanced cars, controlled by cables, travel a 33 percent grade for 315 feet.…
A penniless Irish immigrant boy who rose by the force of his industry, intelligence, integrity and intrepidity to be a sturdy American citizen, a self-educated engineering genius, a whole-hearted humanitarian, the father of the city's water system…
Hollywoodland's GraniteRetaining Walls andInterconnecting GraniteStairs Built 1923 Declared 1991 Historic-Cultural Monument No. 535
Key scenes from the classic motion picture "Rebel Without a Cause"were filmed at the Griffith Observatoryin Spring 1955. Although many movieshave been filmed at Griffith Observatory,"Rebel Without a Cause"was the first toportray the Observatory as…
The most famous Hollywood restaurant of its day, the Brown Derby opened Valentine's Day, 1929. Owner Robert Cobb was also the inventor of the Cobb Salad. He originated furnishing telephones at tables during mealtime. celebrities popularity was gau…
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