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Seven hundred feet east of this marker is the site of Martins Fort built in 1773 for the protection against the Indians and British. Here in 1779 three settlers were killed and seven were captured by the Indians.
Fort Martin was built in 1769 by Colonel Charles Martin. Three settlers were killed and seven captured near the fort in 1779. At the Methodist Episcopal Church here Bishop Francis Asbury preached in 1784.
John Statler built a fort here in 1770. In its vicinity a number of settlers were Indian victims in 1777 and 18 white men lost their lives the next year. Later Statler himself and companions were massacred.
Warrior Branch of the Great Catawba Indian War Path. Here are located the three crossings of Dunkard Creek by Mason and Dixon. Here the Chief of the Six Nations Indians declared that he "would not proceed one step further." Here hostile Shawnees a…
Branch of Warrior Trail of the Great Catawba Indian War Path located here where Mason and Dixon Survey crossed Dunkard Creek for third time. Guide, Six Nations Indians' chief, declared he "would not proceed one step further," because hostile Delaw…