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This early 1800's bank barn is of post and beam construction. Most of the timber was hand hewed. Livestock were confined to the ground level and grain and feed were stored on the main level. The property was part of The Upper College Tract, a gran…
James L. Townsend Sr. was a pioneer in the dairy industry in King William County, Virginia. His son, Guy O. Townsend built the barn which has been a landmark on the Richmond-Tappahannock Highway for almost 90 years. A later addition at the end of …
Near here stood the town of Menmend, home of the paramount chief Opechancanough. During Powhatan's reign, Opechancanough was a king of the Pamunkey and a war chief of the Powhatans. He became paramount chief about 1629 when his brother Opitchipam …