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[Excerpts from the Is Water Quality Improving? marker] The Eastern oyster has a long history as being a commercially and ecologically important species in the Delaware Estuary. As far back as the early 1800s, Eastern oysters found in the Delawa…
This monument erected in memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War Dedicated Memorial Day May 30, 1983
The Traveling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial "The Wall that Heals," was exhibited at Market Square Memorial Park, Marcus Hook Pennsylvania on October 7-10, 1999 through the coordinated efforts of the Borough of Marcus Hook and Sunoco, Inc. &md…
Delaware County Roll of Honor Vietnam 1965 - 1972 [Roll of Honored Dead] Dedicated October 10, 1992 "This memorial is also dedicated to those Vietnam Veterans that were killed in Vietnam, but who died at home" [Roll of Honored Dead] Int…
Fallen While Serving Dominic Cisco · John Gross Rance Dodson · Cecil Grier, Jr. Robert N. Myers [Honor Roll of Veterans] [Not transcribed]
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Dedicated to the men buried at Saint Martin's Church Cemetery (1699) who bravely served their country in the following wars: Revolutionary War 1775-1783 War of 1812 1812-1815 Mexican War 1846-1848 Civil War 1861-1865 Spanish-American War 18…
Best known as the company that developed "artificial silk," later known as "rayon," the American Viscose Company began construction of its Marcus Hook operation in 1912. Patented by English chemists in 1894, rayon was used exte…
The first company in North America to successfully manufacture an artificial fiber (rayon). Plant employees, many of whom were women, lived in Viscose Village, a planned community built in 1912-1915 designed by Ballinger & Perrot of Phila. in the …
Erected to the memory ofMary Gillis Troostwho died Dec. 27, 1872by theWomen's Christian Assnof Kansas City, Mo.In appreciation of hergift to theGillis Orphans Home