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Sewah Studios Sewah Studios was founded in 1927 by Mr. E. M. Hawes and began operations on Marietta's west side at the site of the former Stevens Organ Factory. That facility was destroyed by fire in 1932 and a new factory was built on the Millga…
Catherine Fay Ewing. Catherine Fay Ewing is credited with starting the Children's Home System in Ohio. Born on July 12, 1822, in Westboro, Massachusetts,. her family moved to Marietta in 1835. At age sixteen, Catherine studied to be a teacher whil…
Methodism was brought to Marietta by Wesleyan circuit riders Robert Manley (1799) and Peter Cartwright (1806), and by German Methodist Carl Best (1839). Present building was dedicated 1885.
A work of the Moundbuilders, reserved for the public use by the Founders of Marietta in 1788. Set aside as a cemetery in 1800. First burial was in 1801. "I know many of the Ohio Company personally. Never were men better calculated to prom…
Built in 1835 by Marietta College Professor Diarca H. Allen. Was long known as the Buell, then the Kelso House.
Washington County Children's Home, Ohio's first, and in 1867 the nation's first supported by taxes, was founded in 1858 by Catherine Fay Ewing at her farm home in Moss Run, Ohio.
Marietta's second oldest, the German Evangelical "Kirche" built 1849. Became St. Paul's Evangelical Church 1872. English sermons began in 1909.
Erected by the Marietta Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, as a memorial to the revolutionary soldiers buried in Marietta and to honor the heroic men and women who faced the wilderness with courage and hope to create the Great Northwes…
Organized September 5th, 1818, under name of "First Baptist Church of Marietta Township," the first record on the church book is "On Saturday, the fifth day of September, 1818 A.D., we, Ephraim Emerson, Wm. Churchill, John Thorniley…
By first connecting and enclosing two early homes in brick in 1927, philanthropist W. W. Mills built the Betsey Mills complex as a memorial to his wife, Betsey.