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In the city, from 1879 to 1932, the 70 acre parcel of land extending in a triangle from what is now Bush Street to Pacheco Boulevard to Brown Street to Alhambra Creek was owned by The Christian Brothers Religious Teaching Order, Founded by Saint J…
Original DiMaggio Home Vincenzo DiMaggio & his wife Caterina bi Leci, purchased this lot from prominent land owner Achille Baccilieri. Caterina died young during the local influenza epidemic of the WWI years. Vincenzo made fishing nets & weigh…
Aiello Family Home Fishing nets and wines were made in this home of an Italian fisherman family. In 1892, Francesco Aiello emigrated from the Isola de Favignana Sicilia, Italia. Built 1904
Original Homesite of Francesco & Girloma Bilecci. Francisco biological father was a 4 star general in the Italian army. His adopted father was a prominent local fisherman. Orig 1900
Original home of fisherman and S.P. Railway worker Francesco Marchi and wife Santa Balestrieri. Later home to Bocce Champion Nicola di Tullio and wife Annuziata. Built 1928
DiMaggio Family Home Built by parents of baseball great, Joe DiMaggio & sold to his aunt & uncle. Site of Joes wedding reception. Built 1927
On this site in 1852, Hiram Fogg began a mercantile store. Operating since as: 1854 - 1897 Simon Blum & Bro. 1897 - 1912 Baer Bros. 1912 - 1986 Hilson's
Potters field at Alhambra Cemetery. Here, marked by numbered headstones the size of bread loaves, are buried over 600 poor and unknown early pioneers of California and Martinez. The earliest known burial was in 1853 and they continued until the ea…
The City of Martinez has been the home of a train station along the waterfront for 125 years. The first station (approximately 200 yards to the east of this site) was erected in 1876 and closed in 2001 when this station was opened. More than 1,0…
In memory of Capt. Joseph R. Walker Pioneer Camped in Yosemite Nov. 13, 1833 Born Roan Co. Tenn Dec. 13, 1798 Died Oct 27, 1876