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Built in 1870, enlarged in 1916, rescued in 1970 by a community drive, the Meadville Market House is the oldest continuous use market structure in Pennsylvania. Here, in the ancient tradition, farmers and local craftsmen still present their goods …
The landmark Kepler Hotel, built in 1890, enlarged in 1923, served the community for 60 years. The Kepler family had operated hotels since 1812 at Woodcock, Venango, & Titusville before coming to Market Square in 1875. Revitalized 2003 by Meadvill…
In 1810, on hand looms and spinning wheels, Meadville produced 16,818 yards of woolen material. By 1870 a steam-powered mill, built here where Mill Run and the Feeder Canal joined briefly, made fine woolens from the fleece of county sheep for ship…
Developed by Meaville Housing Corporation in 1936, it was the first project of its kind to be guaranteed by the FHA. Ninety seven industries, business concerns and individuals subscribed to the initial stock offering and the mortgage was carrie…
Founded in 1807 as the Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Manufacture and the Useful Arts, the nation's third oldest Chamber of Commerce met here in the old log courthouse, led by Crawford Messenger editor Thomas Atkinson and Holland Land C…
The canal bed beside the road is part of a channel constructed 1827-1834 to take water from Meadville to Conneaut Lake for the Erie Extension Canal. Two miles below here the Feeder crossed the creek by aqueduct.
Methodist missionary to India, south Asia, and the Philippines, 1859 to 1908. Upon retirement he lived in Meadville until his death in 1922. He is buried in Greendale Cemetery.
Reflecting the diversity of early religious life, the first church here was the Central or Second Presbyterian acquired in 1904 by the Christian Church. In 1963 a new sanctuary was built on North Main Extension and the Landmark brick Church razed.
Built as a production facility for the Meadville Woolen Company, this building later served as market & meeting hall. From 1879 to 1925 it was the home of the Meadville Library, Art, and Historical Association then was converted to commercial use.
Canadian born Thomas Roddy was admitted to the Crawford County Bar in 1870. He served on City Council, library boards and Market House oversight committee. In 1881 he won Elias Allen's suit which desegregated Pennsylvania schools-all despite being…