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Cobblestone House Built ca.1836 for Amzi and Alzada Bradley. Early setlers from Connecticut. This house is on the State and National Register of Historic Places.
Charles Stielow Nearly executed following a 1915 double murder that occured here, he was later exonerated through forensics in a famous case.
Town of Hartland District 10. Built 1845. The earliest cobble- stone school in Niagara County. Used for over 100 years. On State and National Register.
The earliest Hartland hamlet Settled after 1803 and named after this creek - Had mills - wagon & cooper shops - hotel blacksmith's and stores
Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1958 under the authority of the Migratory Bird Conservation Act for "...use as an inviolate sanctuary, or for any other purpose, for migratory birds." The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages …
Phillip Freeman Home built circa 1830 reported to have been local "stop" of the "Underground Railway"
Black Terns nest in New York State in just a few marshes along the south and east shores of Lake Ontario. This is the southern edge of their breeding range, They are more abundant in the upper midwest, but the special habitat we manage here suits …
[on post] First Woman to argue before the U S Supreme Court, 1879. Presidential candidate, 1884 and 1888, for the National Equal Rights party. George E. Pataki, Governor [on stone] Near this spot stood the log cabin birthplace of Belva A. Benne…
Early area settler. Born Dutchess County 1774. arived here 1813. Built log cabin and saw mill near here. Died 1853.
Built by Fred Shy in 1841, church members brought cobblestones from Lake Ontario shore by ox carts. Erected July, 1976