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Began his perilous ride on horseback near this point, Cuckoo Tavern, to Monticello, between midnight and dawn on June 4, 1781, which saved Governor Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia General Assembly in session at Charlottesville from capture by th…
Born into slavery about 1815 at The Hermitage Plantation near here, Henry Brown was working in Richmond by 1830. Brown mailed himself to Philadelphia, and freedom, on 23 Mar. 1849 inside a three-foot-long box. Brown became a spokesperson for the a…
From the tavern that stood here, Jack Jouett rode to Charlottesville, by the Old Mountain Road, in time to warn the members of the Virginia government of the coming of Tarleton's British cavalry, June 3, 1781.
Cuckoo, long a landmark for travelers, was built for Henry Pendleton about 1819. Nearby once stood the Cuckoo Tavern, from which in 1781 Jack Jouett made his famous ride. The Pendletons, a prominent family of physicians whose descendants still own…
This is the site of Camp P-82, CCC Company 2359, Mineral Virginia. The camp was established in 1934 and provided work for more than two hundred young men during the depths of the Great Depression. Their responsibilities included clearing forest tr…