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Among early landowners at the Great Fall on Second Broad River were Richard Henderson, a founder of the short-lived state of Transylvania, and Abner Nash, governor of North Carolina in 1780-81. Later owners used the water power of the High Shoal f…
are known as the fathers of the textile industry in Rutherford County. Near this site was located the first textile mill.
In the early 1900's when Cliffside Mill was built, a bell tower was erected to house this bell. It towered above the mill and looked out over the town. This bell was named the "Get Up Bell" by the people of Cliffside. The bell was rung as follows:…
North CarolinaColonized, 1585-87, by first English settlers in America; permanently settled c.1650; first to vote readiness for independence, Apr.12, 1776. South CarolinaFormed 1712, from part of Carolina, which was chartered in 1663, it was fi…
(Preface): On March 24, 1865, Union Gen. George Stoneman led 6,000 cavalrymen from Tennessee into southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina to disrupt the Confederate supply line by destroying sections of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad…