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The keel for the aircraft carrier Bon HommeRichard was laid down December 1, 1941,six days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thevessel was renamed USS Yorktown (CV-10)in honor of the original carrier Yorktown (CV-5),the only U.S. carrier lost at …
U.S.S. Laffeyhas been designated a NationalHistoric Landmark This Site Possesses National Significance in Commemorating the History of the United States of America 1986 National Park ServiceUnited States Department of the Interior
This small replica illustrates how rice trunks were used to flood and drain rice fields. To flood a field, the gate on the river side was raised while the other was lowered. Water flowed into the field through the trunk at high tide. To drain the …
During colonial times any trip to Charleston from Snee Farm was by way of tidal creeks and rivers. While today we depend on the automobile and a network of highways and bridges, life was not so convenient for the people of Charles Pinckney's time.…
Enslaved Africans once lived and labored at Snee Farm. This site is a remnant of a slave community that extended south, beyond today's park boundary. The structures that once stood here were built of wood with post-in-ground foundations. Outlined …
Gen. William Moultrie and othercolonial officers stayed here onparole when the British occupiedCharleston1781 Placed by Rebecca Motte ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution1936
Cook's Old Field CemeteryThis plantation cemetery predates the American Revolution. It was established by early members of the Hamlin, Hibben and Leland families. James Hibben (d. 1835), one of the founders of Mount Pleasant, is buried here. Gener…
Route traveled by George Washingtonon his southern tour1791Erected byRebecca Motte ChapterDaughters Of The American RevolutionCharleston, S.C.George Washington Bicentennial1732 — 1932[D.A.R. Emblem included]
In MemoriamTo those who sacrificed their lives while serving in and supporting our submarine forces during the Cold War. USS Thresher (SSN 593)Lost at sea with all handsApril 10, 1963 USS Scorpion (SSN 589)Lost at sea with all handsJune 2, …
Still On Patrol —?·?— U.S. Navy Submarines paid heavily fortheir success inWorld War II. A total of 374 Officers and3131 men are onboard these 52U.S. Submarinesstill on "patrol." (left column names) Albacore?·? Amberjack?…