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In Memory of Robert Crain. It was the wisdom and farsighted vision of Robert Crain, with his public spirit and progressive purpose, that resulted in the building of the first highway connecting southern Maryland to the rest of the state. With ene…
Ways to Explore Southern Maryland's Scenic and Historic Routes. . Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail . This unique trail is designed for you to experience by boat. It is America's first waterway national historic trail and inc…
Explore your Cheaspeake. . Welcome to the Chesapeake region, a place that celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers. Discover our proud traditions and precious resources at Chesapeake Bay Gateways. . . Th…
Discover Southern Maryland's Amazing Stories of Exploration, Hope, and Courage. . Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail . "Passing along the coast, searching every inlet, and bay, fit for harbours and habitations..." Cap…
February, 1766, Washington's schooner ran aground off this point. From his diary of August 25th, 1768, "Hauling seine upon the bar off Cedar Point for sheepshead but catched none."
British vessels labored through Kettle Bottom Shoals near here in August 1814 during a diversionary expedition up the Potomac. When Americans destroyed Fort Washington (also called Fort Warburton) without firing a shot, the British proceeded unmol…
Part of large tract reserved as public land by Cecilius Calvert, Lord Baltimore. Warrant issued 1667 to John Harrison for 600 acres of which 250 assigned to Thomas and Andrew Baker, called Harrison's gift. Colonel William Dent purchased in 1692. G…
(2000 Acres with Court Leet and Court Baron) Patented in 1642 toCaptain James NealeMember of the Council and Commissioner of his Lordship's Treasury 1643. House built 1661. (Since destroyed).
Divided loyalties and ironies tore at Marylander's hearts throughout the Civil War: enslaved African-Americans and free United States Colored Troops; spies and smugglers; civilians imprisoned without trial to protect freedom; neighbors and familie…
Known originally as Piccawaxen, the parish was re-named William and Mary under the Establishment Act of 1692.