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Chisholm TrailBeaten hard by the hoofs of millions of Longhorns coming from as far as southern Texas between the years of 1867 to 1871 this trail wound northward approximately one half mile east of here. In one year alone over 600,000 cattle were …
This wheat threshing stone is the symbol of pioneer life and was used by the Elder Heinrich Banman.
Beginning in 1874, hundreds of peace-loving Mennonite immigrants settled in central Kansas. They had left their former homes in Russia because a hundred-year-old immunity from established religious orthodoxy and military service was being threaten…
Donated to the City of Newton by the Santa Fe Nov. 18, 1955. Engine 1880 and 86 other Prairie type engines built in 1906-1907 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. They were used in various types of service for 46 years which was a longer period of tim…
This cannon used in coastal defense during the Civil War was secured through the efforts of Judson Kilpatrick st No. 36, G.A.R. and Congressman Chester I. Long. Presented to Mayor George W. Young for City of Newton by Hon. J. G. Wood, Topeka, on b…
Santa Fe engineers were surveying and platting the Newton town site on Section 17 in March 1871. Captain David L. Payne, state legislator from this district, and other early settlers saw the urgent need for domestic drinking water. Captain Payne a…
On April 15, 1903 construction began on this site. The Cottonwood stone, red brick facade and Ionic columns combined to provide a striking addition to Main Street Newton. The two story building was designed by W.W. Rose, and constructed by Reikows…
This Victorian house was built for Bernhard and Wilhelmina Warkentin in 1886-87. Bernhard was born in 1847 in the Mennonite village of Altonau, Ukraine. His father was a prominent miller. In 1872 he came to the U.S. to find new land. His letters h…
Erected to thememory ofThe Unknown Dead1861 - 1865
This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior