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John B. ReddickBuilding Built in 1855
To the memory ofFather Claude Jean Allouez S. J.Whose intrepid courage won the admiration of the Indians and whose apostolic zeal earned for him the title of the Francis Xavier of the American Missions. Father Allouez was born at St. Didier, Franc…
(South Face of Memorial)You a veteran of thisOld town or pilgrimFrom far away lookingFor some tranquility...Here you may becomeSilent in honor of thoseWho have served...No one is a stranger atThis revered place whereYour God as a lovingFather is w…
The St. Joseph River and the Sauk Trail (now U.S. 12) were major transportation routes for Indians, French voyagers, missionaries, military and early settlers through Niles. Nile's first railroad, the Michigan Central Railroad arrived October 1, 1…
This Veterans Memorial Park is named in honor of Donavon F. Smith, Lt. General, USAF. General Smith graduated from Niles High School in 1940. After flight training, he was assigned to the 56th Fighter Group in England where he flew 123 combat miss…
Dedicated to all veterans by the people of the greater Niles area "Our country is free only because it is the Home of the Brave"
(Obverse Side)Michigan Central Railroad DepotThis Richardsonian Romanesque-style depot was constructed in 1892 by the Michigan Central Railroad Company. Seeking to create a lasting impression of Michigan for passengers traveling to the 1893 Columb…
In Memoriam U.S.S. MaineDestroyed in Havana HarborFebruary 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine
Here the Old Sauk Trail forded the O-Sang-E-Wong-Se-Be now known as the Saint Joseph River.
Founded in 1822byIsaac McCoy Carey Mission This tablet placed in 1922byFort St. Joseph ChapterD.A.R.