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A military camp established in Nogales, Arizona, in November of 1910, was for a generation an integral part of the economic and social life of the community. The post was renamed on December 14, 1915, for Private Little killed in action during the…
Grand Ave. School was founded in 1928 as a grammar school, grades one through eight, for the African American children of Nogales. In 1943 the school's name was changed to Frank A. Reed in honor of a former student, Frank A Reed, who died in a…
Founder of MissionsMan of GodPioneer ExplorerAstronomerRancher TeacherCartographer1645-1711
The Montezuma Hotel, sixty feet east of here, built in 1886, rebuilt twice, and closed in 1965, was the center of Nogales business and social life for more than half a century. The Office of owner George Christ, First U.S. Customs Collector of the…
First postmaster of Isaacson, Arizona (Changed to Nogales June 4, 1883)
Arizona Pioneer Johnny Ward established a ranch here in 1858. In 1861 Indians kidnapped his Mexican stepson Felix Ward. Army officers assumed that local eastern Chiracahua Apaches were responsible, leading to the infamous conflict between Lt. Basc…