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Railroads & Industries Railroads and shipping set the stage for Oakland's industrial development. Transcontinental trains have been rumbling down the Embarcadero (old First Street) since 1869, and oceangoing vessels have been calling at loc…
Spine of West Oakland The elevated BART tracks are the latest link in Seventh Street's long history as the transportation spine of West Oakland. The street once led to the long Wharf and Mole on the western waterfront where the Central/Souther…
Oakland Canneries By the early 20th century, harbor improvements, expanded port facilities, and transcontinental rail service had made Oakland one of the state's leading exporters of processed food of all kinds: canned, dried, bottled, and …
The voyage of the ship Brooklyn began in New York City on February 4, 1846. On board were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who had the provisions, equipment and skills to settle a new land. Under the leadership of Samuel…
Honoring the rich musical heritage of the Blues, Jazz and Gospel artists who played on 7th Street Come explore and learn about a glorious brea in Oakland's musical history! The music they played on 7th Street, Oakland Walk of Game pays tribute…
Moving Shoreline Oakland's 19-mile shoreline underwent continual change after the Gold Rush, as marsh and tideland was reclaimed for development. The natural shoreline now lies buried under dredged bay sediments and landfill. Here, by the Eme…
In memory of the heroes of theCivil War, Spanish War and theWorld War who gave their lives that liberty shall not perishJune 14, 1920
1853 Oakland was shapedby seven GREEN SQUARES Downtown's living roomsnow only five Parks bring out theGoodness of good people
1922A neo-gothicCode Machine Factorynever realized On the top floorWomen of Chinatownsewed parachutes for WWII
This marker is made up of two markers and two plaques on the same monument. One Community, Many Locations Chinese first settled in Oakland in the 18502 during the California Gold Rush. Unlike San Francisco's Chinatown, Oakland's Chinese comm…