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In the late 1800's there were twelve passenger trains a day stopping at the Oakland train station, and hordes of vacationers flooding the town. Perhaps the busiest section of Oakland was Railroad Street, which ran parallel to the tracks between th…
On December 4, 1872, following a public vote by the residents of Western Maryland, Governor William Pinkney Whyte issued a proclamation establishing a new county, created out of the western-most portion of Allegany County. The new county was named…
On this site in 1851 stood the blacksmith shop operated by Henry August Rasche, then in the employ of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The B & O line was at the time being extended through Oakland, Allegany County, Maryland, westward into Preston …
Early in the 1870's, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad realized an asset to its passenger train service would be having a resort hotel in this area. First, it built the Deer Park Hotel in 1873, which proved so successful that in 1875 they started co…
State Forestry in Maryland began within 1/4 mile of this point, when on April 5, 1906, John and Robert Garrett gave the state 1,967 acres for forestry demonstration purposes. Today this forest and associated parks are providing multiple benefits t…
The flat land beside the little Youghiogheny River on the western edge of Oakland has two items of historic interest. First, it contains a spring, and according to tradition, George Washington stopped at the spring on the morning of September 26, …
This 37 acre area of virgin hemlock and white pine has trees estimated to be 300+ years old and is the last stand of its kind in Maryland. Designated as a sensitive management area, cutting and development are restricted to a minimum.
A nationwide program established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to perform emergency natural resource conservation work on public lands. The C C C employed millions during the depression and set the standards for the development of our State a…
This building is one of Oakland's oldest. Also known as New Glades House & Central Hotel, Dr. M.C. Hinebaugh's Hospital in 1908.
In August 1918, and again in July 1921, Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and company encamped here by Muddy Creek Falls.